Megasense One Air Quality Sensor

University of Helsinki’s MegaSense SmartCity Consortium has released a new second generation version of their portable air quality sensor device,  Megasense One, first developed and tested in the UIA HOPE-project.  

The MegaSense sensor kit is ideal for those who want to collect their AQ data, not relying on external providers or paying for extremely expensive equipment.

The MegaSense Sensor Network provides an alternative, affordable quick to install solution. Thanks to being calibrated on the expensive hyper-accurate sensors, they bring a high level of accuracy at the fraction of the price.

MegaSense developed by the Departments of Computer Science and Atmospheric Sciences brings forward accurate portable low-cost sensing devices and an online data platform integrating multiple sources of urban data and leveraging AI network calibration producing hyper-local air quality information in real time.

MegaSense feedback loop involves the actions of individuals and the physical and chemical processes, which increase exposure duration and concentration to air pollution. These exposures are tested by citizens and companies in City of Helsinki and EU projects.

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The most precise air quality data in the world is being developed in  Helsinki with a next generation sensor network and data modelling – city  residents involved in the development | Uutta Helsinkiä